Chartered by:
Anderson Hills
United Methodist Church
7515 Forest Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Tuesday at 7:30PM

Boy Scouts of America
Dan Beard Council

WELCOME to Boy Scout Troop 281. You are looking at a sample of what makes our troop one of America's finest examples of what Baden-Powell had in mind when he founded Boy Scouting. If you check this site occasionally you will see why we have a troop where "Excellence is Expected."

Troop 281 has been a ministry of Anderson Hills United Methodist Church since they received the Troop's charter in 1932. Since then several hundred boys have participated in the troop, but only 78 Scouts have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Today this Scout-led troop has more than 45 Scouts and is growing.

Our patrol-based program is critical to having a Scout-led troop. We meet weekly during the school year, have an overnight troop activity every month, and average ten troop service projects each year. We build our program around the specific needs of Scouts in three experience levels. During a new scout's first year, a senior Scout who has agreed to mentor and train him in the basic skills and principles of Scouting introduces him to Scouting and Troop 281. Scouts in their second, third and fourth years practice and refine their skills. During this period they begin to learn the art of group membership and leadership. The most seasoned Scouts are patrol leaders, skill instructors and the troop officers. In addition to regular troop activities, these senior Scouts periodically have high adventure outings that test them physically and mentally. Planning and conducting the troop's weekly meetings, monthly outings, and the service projects are among the responsibilities of the Patrol Leaders Council.
The last critical element of the troop's success is the adults. Currently, the Troop staff consists of 13 registered Scouters, most of who are Eagle Scouts. Nearly all of the staff are trained in Scoutmasters Fundamentals and five have earned the Wood Badge. These adults all lead by example, paying their own way, carrying their own packs and sleeping in the same mud. The Committee is fully committed to helping the Patrol Leaders Council make their plans a reality. The goal of each adult leader is to make our Scouts self-confident citizens who are prepared for the challenges of life.

If you want to be part of an exciting Troop that is a lot of fun, that will challenge you physically and mentally as much as you want to be challenged, then Troop 281 is for you.

Doug Siebenburgen

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